I help women come to a place of calm after a divorce or breakup so they can make intuitive wise choices about what is next and start their joy journey.

Is life chaotic and frenzied?

Recent divorce or breakup and now a single mom with a full time job plus parenting and all the things? You are in the right place


Joy coaching for single moms who are asking themselves how the hell did I get here? What did my life turn into and how can I get it back? You will learn to stay in a calm response and make choices from love about your next steps.

This IS for you if….

  • You know that there is a better life out there and you are ready to live it.

  • You are willing to learn self care and self love

  • You want a direct action plan to get you to your goals

  • You are ready to invest time and money in your journey back to joy.

This is NOT for you if….

  • You are bitter and set on grieving the loss of your marriage or relationship forever

  • You feel like a victim and blame the world being against you or others wronging you and identify with it.

  • You aren’t willing to make changes to look honestly at yourself and take responsibility for creating a better life for yourself and create joy

  • You aren’t willing to invest energy (both time and money) in yourself.

Joy is the journey and the destination

It’s not about perfection. It never has been. Life is never perfect. It’s never all joy. It’s about love and loving yourself. Live your best life, find your joy and create your own path from a place of clarity, calm and love.


I help smart, strong women who don’t buy into the stories of women having to grieve the loss of their relationship forever, of not being enough, life will be hard forever and I will never be happy again gain clarity about their next steps.

Jamie L. Summers Stacks, PA

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Calm and clarity

Self care and self love- find and know your worth