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I am a psychotherapist and Joy Coach and have also been described as a yogi, mindful, crystal toting, meditating, oil diffusing peace and love kind of girl. My goal is to spread Joy and self love so I created The Joy Journey.  I love what I do and am honored to get to help people navigate life and the things it throws at us.  I am drawn to and I find enormous comfort and love in an eclectic collection of things I have discovered over the years and feel it is my duty to teach and share.  Enjoy and please email with questions.  Love and compassion for all and please always practice active self-love. 

My "why"..... on why I chose to be a Coach

 I want to love what I do and I love having a private practice business. I love the interactions that I get to have with amazing people every day. My strong belief is that everyone should be able to support themselves in the lifestyle they want to live and this allows me to do so. My why is because I love working with people and want to be able to do so in a way that benefits everyone involved. My why is that life can be hard and we all need help navigating through it....that this gets to be my job is just awesome and amazing!  I am honored to learn from my clients every single day.

Jamie L. Summers Stacks, LPC