Let's talk evidence

Hello again!  Thanks for coming back.  I hope that you are reading and following along and creating your own journey of mindfulness.  There is something that occurs to me that I want to share.  I have mentioned a few times recording results of an exercise in a journal or recording thoughts feelings but looking back I wish I had emphasized it more.  Luckily, it is only ten or so days into the "year of more" which is how I refer to 2015 so its not too late.  I want to take this time to encourage you to get a journal, a notebook, some paper, some napkins anything that you can write on!  If you are just beginning to use mindfulness or if you are strengthening your practice keep up with it.  There is no doubt that this concept has changed my life but how cool it would be if I had kept a written record of it?  You can....you can record your feelings, your emotions, how you think about things.  You can record the exercises or take away tips that I give and your response to them and really take a look at patterns, what resonates with you and see a written record of your life changing.  I encourage you to do this, I think you will be glad you did!

So, lets talk proof.  In therapy it is not unusual for the therapist to ask the client to try new things in his or her life.  It goes along with the whole "if you don't make changes nothing changes" idea. Some clients will not questions why a therapist chooses the techniques that they do but many will.  I like to back up what I ask clients in therapy or coaching to do with proof that it works.  This  is way better than me just saying "hey I like this so you should to".  These concepts, this mindful lifestyle is proven scientifically to work!  It rewires your brain, it increases gray matter, it makes positive physical changes in your brain and body.  It is my practice to attempt to keep up with the most current studies and I tend to choose those that are tied to what I am working on in my life, my career or with clients.  

As a part of the year of more I am creating and going to work on bringing mindful programs to businesses, corporations and schools.  This kills several birds with one stone.  I share what I am passionate about, I teach skills that I feel are vital and the mental wellbeing and productivity of employees is increased and this makes everyone at the company happy.  A biggie for me in this endeavor is that then those people who experience the positive change will share it with others who will share it with others and so forth and this achieves a portion of of my goal of MORE and spreading mindfulness as far and wide as possible.  Let's face it , I didn't invent the wheel, this is not just me working on this so thankfully it is easy for me to find research to back up what I want to do. At the bottom of the page I am going to insert a link to a very interesting article of bringing mindfulness into the workplace.  Enjoy and share with others to keep the momentum going :).

Take away tip-

1-read this article and talk to at least 3 people about it and record their thoughts as well as yours.  Please come back and share what people say and what you think.

2- Consider if you feel like this would benefit the wellbeing of your place or work or school and in what way could I help you implement that?

3- Buy a journal or notebook and write your book of the "year of more".

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