Tea instead of coffee

Good morning- very impromptu blog post here.   To give you a visual I am in Arkansas, it is cold and rainy, more drizzle than rain but very cloudy and no sun peeking through yet.  I am a coffee shop waiting on a friend to chat with about business and probably some catching up as well.

I got here early as I get up and around early.  Normally I would order a coffee.  I adore coffee, I have my pot ready when I wake up and I used to (till about 6 months ago) drink the entire pot by myself and then have more coffee later.  As I study and embrace a mindful lifestyle I think more about what I put into my body.  It matters- my body is my temple- my home for my soul and it is up to me to take care of it.  Trust me when I say this is not what I have always done.  My poor temple has been abused by me, the one person who should cherish it the most.  My journey in life is leading me to think more, be mindful and aware of what I see, what I do and how I treat myself.  This improved treatment of myself must be body/mind/spirit.  

So when I arrived here with the smell of coffee and yumminess in the air I thought about it.  It's after 8:00 am so I have had coffee and I think why have more?  I slept well, I am not in need of more caffeine and I have been exploring teas and loving how it feels like a warm hug for my body when I have tea instead of coffee.  I chose tea.  I am having a yummy citrus mint blend and it smells heavenly.  The aroma of coffee is still in the air and yet I am content to sip my tea as I wait.  This small change in my thoughts and my life will lead to more and more choices and thoughts and chances to be aware like this.  I am content and that feels so good.

love and light


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