Meditation 101

When it came to searching Google for finding how-to instructions, central Arkansas users wanted to know above all how to meditate. Then they wanted to know how to twerk. Meditating is my specialty!!! Twerking not so much!   I read this and promised some blogs with the how-to on meditating so here we go.

Coming soon- Mindfulness Meditation 6 week Challenge 

Increases stress management 
Increases self awareness 
Increases ability to access inner wisdom/intuition 

May provoke strong emotions 
May cause anxiety 

What is included: 
Guided meditation Worksheets 
Online “check in” location to visit with other participants. 
Regular input from me, Mindful living expert

This entire journey can be taken from the comfort of your own home or office.  You can meditate anywhere and I want us to explore some unique ways that I find to meditate at times.  It is my truth that anywhere you are you can access an ability to be mindful and get in a few minutes of mindful meditation.  If you decide to take this journey I have worksheets can be emailed to you. This is a journey that has the potential to change your life. I recommend 5-6 days a week for 6-8 weeks to get into a regular practice. However, if you can start with 1 day week for 5 minutes go for it.  A willingness to try is all you need.  

It is best to arrange a regular time and place to practice where you will not be disturbed. This is not always possible so we will talk about how to work around this.  Be aware that at times you may not like the practice, you may feel you are doing it wrong (you aren't- it can't be wrong)!  Often when we feel the most resistant to doing something are the times it is most important. Mindfulness practice is a discipline which can support, comfort and improve wellbeing if you make it a part of your life. It is proven to change your physical body (check out the link at the bottom of the page).   Just like anything you will get out of it what you put into it. It is all about becoming aware, becoming mindful, accepting what is. Feel what you are feeling. You don’t have to like it…just feel it! 

Before we delve into a mediation challenge let me give you a few take away tips to start the mindful process.  

Take away tip 1 everyday this week take an activity that you have to do that you are not especially fond of.  Let's use washing dishes.  This week do it mindfully  Think about what you are going to do.  Feel how the water feels on your hands, the sound of the water, notice the smoothness of the glass plates, smell the soap and really breathe it in.  Take one dish at a time, look at it, notice the colors and the patterns, watch the dish go from dirty to clean as you wash, be aware of the way the water rolls off the plate or glass, watch the water drip as you dry the dish.  Instead of "having to do the dishes" be grateful for the time to take to notice all the little things that you miss out of by hurrying through it normally.  Embrace the tradition of washing the dishes, take the time to notice the progress you made and how your sink went from full to empty  and how you took the time to notice the feelings.

Take away tip 2- set an alarm on your phone twice a day and when it goes off take a break from what you are doing.  Breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your nose.  Inhale to the count of five and exhale to the count of five, pay as much attention to the exhale as the inhale.  Do this for at least 5 long breaths and slowly increase throughout the week. 


love and light


Mindful Meditation

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