Becoming more, becoming authentically you, creating abundance in 2015

Welcome!  My name is Jamie L. Summers Stacks and I am so excited to be starting new adventures with the new year!  This blog will be a living journal of my journey to do and be MORE.  I am, by trade, a mental health therapist and I love, love, love what I do.  Many years ago I decided I wanted to become a therapist with the noble idea of helping others.  Wow!  I had no idea that over the years I would be so honored and so blessed to learn so much more from the people I am grateful to work with than I could ever hope to teach them.  It has been an awe inspiring experience that grows more and more every single year.  The very nature of me and of any professional who wants to do the best they can involves ongoing learning.  Learning new techniques, new theories and most important to me new ways to reach people.  Super exciting things like mobile mental health, text programs, online and in person programs in addition to individual and group therapy, teaching and training and educating in as many ways as we can.

My personal life journey too has led me to study and learn new practices and ways of doing and being.  Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing!  These practices hooked me immediately and I felt compelled to read, study and learn everything I could for my own wellbeing.  Let me tell you, when I realized the impact these practices had on me (more in a moment) and that I could marry them with my therapy practice my life's passion was born.  Yoga literally taught me to I managed to breathe before yoga I am still not sure.  Mindfulness is such a simple concept of staying present, aware of the now but it is a life long mission that is a joy to chase.  Practice makes perfect they say (whoever they is) so practice I do!  Meditation has been  practiced for thousands of years and is a now highly studied evidence based practice that literally is proven to rewire your brain.  It is not just that I find it an awesome way to live, it just works!!  Breathing sounds so simple until one has experienced anxiety attackts or other unfortunate experiences that impede breathing.   Learning breathing techniques is my favorite coping skill to teach or practice.  Why?  You can breathe anywhere, anytime and not disturb anyone else and it is an awesome regulating tool.  I could go on and on with other joyful techniques that I study and will continue to introduce and learn about.  Essential oils and the healing power they have, healing your own energy and accessing your inner voice that always knows the answer even if we don't like the answer we hear. there is so much to explore.

My intention and goal is to spread and share and teach and educate.  I use these practices in my life and in therapy but I want MORE.  I need to do all I can to spread this passion to far, far more people than I could ever reach in individual therapy.  Therapy is my love and I will continue it but I want to increase and reach more.  I am going to design programs to introduce these practices to businesses, corporations, schools and anywhere else I can get in.  I will do interviews and talk and express my pure joy and excitement to as many as will allow me.  I will create and provide trainings for other mental health professionals, I will create and lead online and face to face programs that will increase the number of people that can be reached.  The more these concepts are shared and taught and introduced the MORE people can live the true authentic lives that they deserve,  I will encourage and beg and otherwise do what is needed to get others who learn these practices to share and teach and educate.  If you all join me in this, in this MORE the world can be a much more sacred and safe place for us all to be and that is the MORE that I am after.

Please join me, please ask questions, make comments, follow along and see where this journey and the year of abundance takes us.  I think we will be amazed.  I am thrilled to be along for the ride and what a ride it is going to be.

Be more, be you, be abundant

love and light

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