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Is psychotherapy right for me?
The short answer: If you are researching therapeutic help online, then you are probably ready to give it a try. The answer is most likely yes, you are probably ready.

How many sessions will be required?
The length of treatment is determined by the treatment goals. Some people come to counseling to find ways to respond to unexpected changes; others are interested in personal growth or self exploration. Your commitment is also crucial in quick resolution of your situation.

What age range of patients do you see? 
I work with adults, individually or with their families or partners.  Various groups and workshops will be available in the future.  LAC supervision is also available for therapist's in training.

How do I make an appointment?      
You have several options.  Complete the forms on line, submit them and I will call you in 1-2 days to schedule an appointment.  Call me at 501-620-0162.   If your problem is an emergency and needs to be responded to sooner please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

How much are services and do you take insurance?
60-90 minute initial intake is $300

50 minute individual sessions are $120
75 minute individual sessions are $150

50 minute couples/family sessions are $150
75 minute couples/family session are $175

I do not bill insurance but will be happy to provide you documentation to give to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

What will happen in a session?
During the first 60-90 minute session you are expected to share your concerns or reasons for your being interested in therapy. We will generally meet either weekly or more if indicated and during those sessions we will work on attaining your goals. Regular therapy sessions are 50 minutes.  Shorter and longer sessions are available to meet your schedule and needs. In between sessions it will be beneficial for you to process and think about what was discussed in session.  I may assign homework to do between sessions to help you get the most out of your therapy time.

Is therapy confidential?
Confidentiality is an important building block of the therapeutic relationship, it provides trust and openness. The law also helps the therapist protect the privacy and confidentiality of all communication between the therapist and the client. Information will not be disclosed without permission from the client. However, there are some legal exceptions to this law. These exceptions include:  You will receive written and detailed information about your rights to privacy and confidentiality

  • Suspected child/elderly/disabled abuse. The therapist is required by law to report this immediately to the appropriate authorities.
  • If the client is threatening to hurt himself/herself or others.
  • If the law requires disclosure of information.