Joy Coaching

Where do you want to go? Let’s assess where you are in your journey, where you want to be and map out the path to get there by identifying your values, desire, needs and support.

Do you find yourself suddenly a single mom and not quite sure what happened or where to go from here?  Are you overwhelmed and lost after a divorce or breakup?  Are you stuck in the battle of momness vs life and just want some direction?  I help strong, smart women who don't buy into the stories of blaming others, playing the victim and that all men are evil gain clarity about their next steps and find joy again

It’s  6 am and time to get up.  Let the dogs out, make coffee and all you want to do is crawl back in bed.  You have a full day ahead starting with getting a grumpy tween girl out of bed, dressed and off to school before your early appointment.  The work day is busy and chaotic but you are not sure how productive it was. No time to catch up as you have to get home. You walk in the door (a little hesitant because you never quite know what kind of mood that tween girl will be in) and truthfully you pray she doesn’t have homework because that just creates more work for you.  There are acting lessons, play rehearsals and trying to cram dinner in between before falling asleep sitting up in bed at the end of the messy day. Sleep (or toss and turn), get up at 6 am and repeat.

Que the voice in your head.  What’s wrong with me? This isn’t what my life was supposed to be.  I am a professional, I am strong and smart and work damn hard.  Where did I lose me? Was it before the divorce in the marriage that wasn’t really a marriage at all?  Was it after the divorce when the reality of being a single parent set in? Hell, did I ever know me at all?  Sound familiar? Is this your life? Ready to find some clarity and joy? Want the calm in the chaos to be the norm rather than the exception?

I work with smart, driven women who get lost in the chaos after a divorce or breakup find beauty in the messy day to day life.  They learn to step away for the urgent, frenzied energy of life, connect to their physical body, stay in a calm response and make choices from a place of clarity and love about what is next. They learn to respond not react after a major life change. They unlock their inner warrior queen and find joy.  They create their own path and joy journey and live their best life.

Joy Coaching

We will work together via Zoom deeply and intensely using The Joy Process to create your best life. We will start where you are and identify your needs and desires and design an intentional inspired action plan to get there.

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3 month packages and 6 month packages available